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Boronia Heights Plumber Shares Bathroom Tips


Boronia Heights Plumber Bill Bolt shares some tips on how to prolong the life of your Bathroom.

Our Bathrooms do it tough – and if neglected can cost a LOT to fix.  Think about it – when was the last time your bathroom exhaust got a little TLC?  If you are like most of us – never!  Yet this hard working little fella is the key to stopping mould and mildew taking over your bathroom. Not only is mould and mildew a serious health hazard, it can be hard to fix – and expensive.  Removing the outer vent to give it a good clean annually takes very little time but can save your health and money.

Boronia Heights PlumberSimilarly, watch the ceilings, grout, corners and floors for signs of mildew.  If you do have a mould and / or mildew problem, either call professional cleaners in to fix it for you, or take adequate health precautions – getting rid of mould and mildew is hazardous.  The grout between your tiles is particularly important – keeping the grout clean on a weekly basis is very important.

Apart from the fan, use natural ventilation as much as possible.  Apart from being healthy generally, it allows moisture to escape and prevents steam damage.

For the hand basins, shower floor etc – use strainers to catch hair and other items from disappearing down the pipes in the first place.  Simply emptying the strainer is a whole lot easier than trying to unclog the pipes and / or drains.  This practice also keeps bad smells at bay.

Each time you empty the strainer, get into the habit of checking under the sink at the same time.  Like all problems, the smaller they are, the easier they are to fix.  Look for small leaks and make sure they never develop into big leaks.  Left unattended, these leaks can get behind walls, under floors and behind your tiles – then you no longer have a big problem, you have a major problem!  Finally, if you need a professional plumber, remember that a Boronia Heights Plumber fixing a small problem writes out a small bill, a Boronia Heights Plumber fixing a big problem writes out a big bill.  Speaking of Bill – call Bill Bolt now on 0410 302 571 for all of your Boronia Heights Plumbing needs!

Remember – prevention is better than cure. If you are not up to those plumbing jobs yourself, call your Boronia Heights Plumbing Specialist, Bill Bolt now on 0410 302 571.

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