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Checklist of Questions to Ask a Brisbane Northside Plumber Before You Hire One


By no means is this a complete list of questions to ask Brisbane Northside Plumbers before you hire one. Instead, it’s more of a starting point to help you think of questions.

That said, here are some to help get you started:

1. Are you a Registered Company? (Australian Plumbing Services is)

2. Are you licensed in this state? How long have you been licensed here?

3. How long have you been a Plumber? (30 years for Australian Plumbing Services)

4. Do you have workman’s comp insurance?

5. Do you have a written money back guarantee? Do you offer a written warranty?

6. Does this project require any kind of permit?

7. Do you have different options available for materials I can choose from?

8. How much will this cost?

9. Can I get a written estimate/quote?

10. Have you worked on any large, prestigious, Projects? (Australian Plumbing Services have worked on RSL Prize Homes)

11. Does this have to be replaced, or can it be repaired?

12. When would you be able to fix this?

13. Do you have any references I can talk to?

14. What makes you different from the other Brisbane Northside Plumbers in the area?

15. Do you offer a maintenance service plan?

If you can think of a few more, go ahead and ask! Again, this is just to help get you started.

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What Type of Brisbane Northside Plumber Should I Use?

Generally there are only two types of plumbers- new construction plumbers and maintenance plumbers. Both types of plumbers can be broken down even further, into residential and commercial.

But there’s more to it than that, right? You’re really asking if you should work with a large company or a smaller operation, correct?

Well there are a few strengths and weaknesses with each.

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Large Brisbane Northside Plumbers Company Pros and Cons

Larger plumbing companies have a lot to offer. They’ll have several Brisbane Northside Plumbers, possibly a receptionist, and offer many different services.

Most plumbers working for these larger companies will be completely squared away. They’ll have experience, proper licenses, and a large insurance policy to back them up.

They’ll always be willing to take on more work, although (depending on the season) you may have to wait a little while. Even though they have larger teams, they also get a lot of business.

The main problem with these companies is that you may not feel like the service was very personalized. You’re just one of many customers, so it’s more difficult for the company to keep up with you on a regular basis and really build a relationship.

Another thing is that if you want to negotiate on price, a larger company is probably less willing to budge. They have standard prices for most projects, and getting them to take less than the standard isn’t easy.

Small Brisbane Northside Plumber Company Pros and Cons

Smaller companies may be as small as one or two plumbers! These operations may or may not have a receptionist, formal office or a warehouse.

These companies are generally more personal than larger companies. Because each and every customer is important, they usually treat everyone with a lot of respect. They want to keep your business, and being professional is the best way to do that.

As part of being personable, they’re also more willing to negotiate than some larger companies. They make their own rules, so they can lower their prices to help meet your needs.

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