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Brisbane Plumbing House Purchase Pre-Inspection Package.

Dreaming of owning your own house? Make sure the dream does not become a nightmare by getting the plumbing checked out by a Pro Brisbane Plumbing Company before you sign on the dotted line. With 30 years of experience, including building RSL Prize Homes, Australian Plumbing Services Pty can save you a potential fortune by making sure the plumbing for your dream home is spot on.

ASIC details for AUSTRALIAN PLUMBING SERVICES PTY. LTDPlumbing issues – especially the ones the buyers do not want to tell you about – can be expensive, inconvenient, time consuming, and even hazardous to your health. Here are some tips to help you out with the purchase. First, call in Australian Plumbing Services Pty by ringing Bill Bolt on 0410 302 571 to arrange a “Pre Purchase” Plumbing Inspection. If we find problems, it is the Sellers job to fix the problems,or to negotiate a price reduction with you – So you might even make a profit on using our services!

Many plumbers make a fairly light inspection and pocket your fee. Not us. We want full service when we pay others, so we deliver the same to our clients. With old fashioned customer service standards, you can trust Australian Plumbing Services Pty to look after you.

As part of our Service, we invite you to accompany us, for two reasons. First, you can see exactly what we do (some Brisbane plumbing companies would prefer you did not accompany them).  Secondly, we can familiarize you the the plumbing layout and advise you on any plumbing issues. For example, something may be fine but wasteful – then we can show you how to save money.

Brisbane Plumbing House Purchase Pre-InspectionThis “plumbing walkaround” can also be helpful if you plan to expand or renovate your dream home – the last thing you want to do is build over a plumbing spot that you may need access to. And of course, we will show you all of the emergency shut off points.
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So work with the Brisbane Plumber that cares!  Call Bill on 0410 302 571 to arrange your Brisbane Plumbing House Purchase Pre-Inspection