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Drewvale Plumber Tips: Stopping Bad Smells From Your Sink

Drewvale Plumber Tips: Some jobs you can do yourself, other plumbing jobs need a specialist. Check out the video and decide whether you want to tackle this, or if it is a job for Drewvale Plumber Bill Bolt.

The kitchen sink in any house gets a good work out. Food residue, grease and all other kinds of nasties make their way down the kitchen sink – and the sink becomes the stink!

Here is a video on how to stop bad smells and gurgling from your sink waste.

If doing this yourself does not appeal, call Drewvale Plumber Bill Bolt on 0410 302 571

Check out at the 3:40 mark in the video to see why you might not want to do it yourself, especially if you are squeamish ūüôā

Once it is fixed, here are some tips to keep it from happening again.

If you can afford it, add a Garbage Disposal Unit; if not a simple sink drainer is a very good investment.

Pouring boiling water down the sink is always a top tip, but usually in response to a problem. If you get into the habit of emptying boiling water down the sink every time you make a coffee etc, it become preventative masintenance, not problem solving.

Adding a mixture of baking soda and vinegar before washing down with hot water improves the results even further. Tip a handful of baking soda down the sink and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, then follow it with a half cup of white vinegar. Let it brew for 15 minutes and then follow up with the boiling water.  Some people add coarse salt or lemon juice to the baking soda and vinegar.  Another trick is to add a drop of essential oil, eg lavender oil, down the sink after you have finished Рdoes nothing to clear the the problem, just helps the kitchen smell good after you have finished.

Drewvale Plumber Bill Bolt 0410 302 571

Hope you have enjoyed these Drewvale Plumber Tips:

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Brisbane Plumbing House Purchase Pre-Inspection

If doing the above simply does not work, call the expert: Drewvale Plumber Bill Bolt on 0410 302 571 now.

Boronia Heights Plumber Shares Bathroom Tips


Boronia Heights Plumber Bill Bolt shares some tips on how to prolong the life of your Bathroom.

Our Bathrooms do it tough Рand if neglected can cost a LOT to fix.  Think about it Рwhen was the last time your bathroom exhaust got a little TLC?  If you are like most of us Рnever!  Yet this hard working little fella is the key to stopping mould and mildew taking over your bathroom. Not only is mould and mildew a serious health hazard, it can be hard to fix Рand expensive.  Removing the outer vent to give it a good clean annually takes very little time but can save your health and money.

Boronia Heights PlumberSimilarly, watch the ceilings, grout, corners and floors for signs of mildew.  If you do have a mould and / or mildew problem, either call professional cleaners in to fix it for you, or take adequate health precautions Рgetting rid of mould and mildew is hazardous.  The grout between your tiles is particularly important Рkeeping the grout clean on a weekly basis is very important.

Apart from the fan, use natural ventilation as much as possible.  Apart from being healthy generally, it allows moisture to escape and prevents steam damage.

For the hand basins, shower floor etc Рuse strainers to catch hair and other items from disappearing down the pipes in the first place.  Simply emptying the strainer is a whole lot easier than trying to unclog the pipes and / or drains.  This practice also keeps bad smells at bay.

Each time you empty the strainer, get into the habit of checking under the sink at the same time.  Like all problems, the smaller they are, the easier they are to fix.  Look for small leaks and make sure they never develop into big leaks.  Left unattended, these leaks can get behind walls, under floors and behind your tiles Рthen you no longer have a big problem, you have a major problem!  Finally, if you need a professional plumber, remember that a Boronia Heights Plumber fixing a small problem writes out a small bill, a Boronia Heights Plumber fixing a big problem writes out a big bill.  Speaking of Bill Рcall Bill Bolt now on 0410 302 571 for all of your Boronia Heights Plumbing needs!

Remember Рprevention is better than cure. If you are not up to those plumbing jobs yourself, call your Boronia Heights Plumbing Specialist, Bill Bolt now on 0410 302 571.

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Calamvale Plumber Talks About Water Line Diagrams


Calamvale Plumber Bill Bolt explains why Water Line Diagrams are important, especially if you are thinking of buying a new house.

Working out what has happened to the plumbing of your potential new home over the years is very important, especially if it is an older home.  First, a professional builder built it.  But after that?  What if Do It Yourself would-be plumbers altered or add to the plumbing?  What Quality Guidelines were applied to the reno / extension?  Can you rely on the work done?  Or are there issues you need to resolve before you buy?

Water Line Diagrams - Check with Calamvale Plumber Bill Bolt 0410 302 571Water Line Diagrams are official documents, usually lodged with the Water Authority, that show the flow of water pipes throughout the property, including where it connects to the incoming water mains and exits to the main sewerage system.

If renovations or extensions have been done, the Water Line Diagrams SHOULD have been updated and filed with the Water Authority.  If there has been no such lodgement, it MAY indicate property changes that were not done professionally; certainly something you want to check before buying.  Finding problems after you have purchased the property may mean removing flooring Рno fun if they happen to be concrete!  In addition, if extensions or renovations have built out over existing water lines, future accessability may be a problem Рcheck out the Residential Water Supply Diagram now.

If your Water Line Diagrams show that work was not finalised, or not officially sanctified, extreme caution is required – And it may be a bargaining chip on the asking price of the house.

Do not take the chance.  You have had the Building Inspection done, the Pest Control Report says everything is fine РBut plumbing problems are serious problems.  By having an extensive Brisbane Plumbing House Purchase Pre-Inspection done by Calamvale Plumber Bill Bolt, you might save yourself a lot of money and heartache.
Drewvale plumber - Calamvale Plumber


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If you are looking for a Calamvale Plumber, ring Bill Bolt on 0410 302 571 – You will not be disappointed.


Finding The Best Drewvale Plumber


Just HOW do you find the best Drewvale Emergency Plumber / Drewvale 24/7 Plumber for your needs?

One the first considerations if you are looking for a Drewvale Emergency Plumber, or a Drewvale 24/7 Plumber is PROXIMITY.  Someone that lives in Drewvale is a good idea, as they can get there quicker and are more likely to respond if you call at an inconvenient time.  Availability is everything when there is water coming through your residence!

Of course, the fact that a Drewvale Emergency Plumber or a Drewvale 24/7 Plumber lives on your doorstep is not of itself a good enough reason to trust them.

Are they any good?  Well, Australian Plumbing Services were chosen to do the plumbing on RSL Prize Homes, so I guess they must be doing something right!

Secondly, are they a fly by night plumber or a serious business?  Here is our ASIC registration, so you know we are a reputable, well established company.


Next, are they going to be around for the long term?  Well, this Drewvale Plumber has already clocked up 30 years and no sign of slowing down yet.  Call Bill Bolt on 0410 302 571 and get a top class, well established, Drewvale Emergency Plumber /  Drewvale 24/7 Plumber.  Do you want to trust your home to someone who has been a plumber for just 12 months?

Planning ahead is always a good idea.  When you want a Drewvale Plumber, you often want one in a hurry РPut the details on your fridge now: Bill Bolt, Australian Plumbing Services Pty, 0410 302 571.

Other factors to consider are Рare they a licensed plumber?  Australian Plumbing Services Pty is.  Do they carry the proper Insurance?  We do.  Are they easy to deal with?  We are.

You also need to consider – who will actually do this job? ¬†It is tempting to call a large plumbing company with dozens of plumbers. ¬†However, you need to consider that ¬†“dozens of plumbers” may include several top quality, highly experienced plumbers AND several apprentice plumbers. ¬†Which one will you get? ¬†Who knows?

When you call Bill Bolt, you get Bill Bolt.  My reputation is too important to risk Рit took me 30 years to get it.  So, right or wrong, I attend every job personally Рthat is why I can guarantee you get the best and my reputation continues to grow.

Finally, there is price.  I am not the cheapest Drewvale Plumber, nor the most expensive РBut I do think I am the Best Value For Money plumber in Brisbane.

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Drewvale Plumber - Plumbing Tips

So, call Bill Bolt now on 0410 302 571 and get the Drewvale Plumber you can trust, at a price you can afford.



Brisbane Emergency Plumbers – Avoid These Mistakes


Take Care To Avoid These mistakes When Choosing Brisbane Emergency Plumbers …

1.  Taking on a plumbing job you do not have the Experience to handle.

Some plumbing jobs are simple, such as changing a tap washer, and can be safely handled by most people.  Other jobs require training and experience, and are best left to the experts.

2. Taking on a plumbing job you do not have the Equipment to handle.

Similarly, some jobs can be tackled with the tools most home owners already have, while others require specialist equipment.

Finding out half way through the job that you should have called a Brisbane Emergency Plumber is not a good feeling.  Ask yourself BEFORE you start any job if you have the expertise, experience and tools to finish the job without creating further damage.

Given that plumbing jobs may involve dealing with waste, the health of your family is also a consideration.  Similarly, if your drinking water is involved, keeping it safe from contaminants is important.

3. If the plumbing job you are considering tackling involves valves, pipes or fittings, making sure you have a “match” is essential. ¬†Getting back from the plumbers store and finding what you just purchased does not fit wastes not only your money but also your time.

4.  Choosing a Brisbane Emergency Plumber based solely on the cost.  Low rates may possibly mean poor workmanship and maybe working with unlicensed, uninsured Plumbers.  We recommend going with well established plumbing companies (we have been around for 30 years) who have a proper business,  (see below our ASIC company registration) and who have good credentials (we were chosen as the plumbers for working on RSL Prize Homes).

ASIC details for AUSTRALIAN PLUMBING SERVICES PTY. LTD - Your Brisbane Emergency Plumber

5. ¬†Neglecting to check if your¬†Brisbane Emergency Plumber has insurance; the time to find out he hasn’t is not when water is coming through your ceiling.

Next Tip:  Finding The Best Drewvale Plumber

If you have the tools, experience, and expertise to handle a plumbing job on your own Рgood luck.

Local Brisbane Emergency Plumber - Satisfaction guaranteedIf not, call one of the best Brisbane Emergency Plumbers around РRing Bill Bolt now on 0410 302 571!



Brisbane Plumbing House Purchase Pre-Inspection


Brisbane Plumbing House Purchase Pre-Inspection Package.

Dreaming of owning your own house? Make sure the dream does not become a nightmare by getting the plumbing checked out by a Pro Brisbane Plumbing Company before you sign on the dotted line. With 30 years of experience, including building RSL Prize Homes, Australian Plumbing Services Pty can save you a potential fortune by making sure the plumbing for your dream home is spot on.

ASIC details for AUSTRALIAN PLUMBING SERVICES PTY. LTDPlumbing issues – especially the ones the buyers do not want to tell you about – can be expensive, inconvenient, time consuming, and even hazardous to your health. Here are some tips to help you out with the purchase. First, call in Australian Plumbing Services Pty by ringing Bill Bolt on 0410 302 571 to arrange a “Pre Purchase” Plumbing Inspection. If we find problems, it is the Sellers job to fix the problems,or to negotiate a price reduction with you – So you might even make a profit on using our services!

Many plumbers make a fairly light inspection and pocket your fee. Not us. We want full service when we pay others, so we deliver the same to our clients. With old fashioned customer service standards, you can trust Australian Plumbing Services Pty to look after you.

As part of our Service, we invite you to accompany us, for two reasons. First, you can see exactly what we do (some Brisbane plumbing companies would prefer you did not accompany them).  Secondly, we can familiarize you the the plumbing layout and advise you on any plumbing issues. For example, something may be fine but wasteful Рthen we can show you how to save money.

Brisbane Plumbing House Purchase Pre-InspectionThis “plumbing walkaround” can also be helpful if you plan to expand or renovate your dream home – the last thing you want to do is build over a plumbing spot that you may need access to. And of course, we will show you all of the emergency shut off points.
Brisbane Plumbing - Brisbane Northside Plumbers

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So work with the Brisbane Plumber that cares!  Call Bill on 0410 302 571 to arrange your Brisbane Plumbing House Purchase Pre-Inspection