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Looking for a Brisbane Southside Plumber? Here are some tips to help you find the perfect local Brisbane plumber.

A lot of people fail to put any thought into their choice of a plumber; they simply hire the first one that they find. This is especially common in emergency situations. For less-urgent jobs, many people make their choice strictly based on pricing. Here are some tips to help you avoid these mistakes.

The first thing to look for?  How long has this plumbing business been around.  Fly by night plumbers do not last long – Australian Plumbing Services has been around for 30 years, and you do not last that long without being good at what you do.

Secondly, what kind of reputation do they have? Australian Plumbing Services has done the plumbing for several RSL Prize Homes – you do not get those kind of jobs without being good at what you do.

Are they a well established business – a proper company, with an ASIC registration.  Here is ours …


The next consideration is to find a local plumber who provides a comprehensive service and great customer service.

When you ring ANY Brisbane Southside Plumber, check out if they have the following qualities:

* Professionalism – Do they sound professional?

* Experience – How long have they been around? (30 years in our case)

* Their technical expertise – Make sure they have the tools, experience and expertise to handle YOUR job.

* Is customer service a priority for your chosen plumber?

* Do they offer Fair and Affordable pricing?  AND guarantee their work?

* Is the  local Brisbane plumber you are thinking of using licensed and insured?

* Accessibility – WHEN can they do your job?

It may take a little extra effort to find a Brisbane Plumber who embodies all of these values – but it is worth it. A plumber who’s capable of meeting all of your needs will do so much better than an untested wannabe who recently got into plumbing because he owns a drain snake.

In your search for a top quality local Brisbane plumber, try these three resources:

* The Internet.  If your potential plumbing company does NOT have a website, how big is the company?  How professional?  Any half decent plumber has a website these days; if they don’t, beware.

* Referrals from friends and relatives.  Probably the best source, as such referrals come from people you trust.  BUT don’t place too much reliance on Online Plumber Reviews, especially if there are just a few – relatives, friends, scratch my back and I will scratch yours business arrangements – Website Testimonials are just to easy to fake. First-hand referrals are definitely valuable. Nobody is in a better position to tell you about a plumber’s capabilities than a trusted friend or relative who’s hired them before.

* The phone book can be good in an emergency, but being prepared is better.  When you want an emergency plumber is not the time to be doing research – Check us out now and put Australian Plumbing Services 0410 302 571 in your phone and on your fridge NOW!

You’ll want to at least talk to plumbers on the phone before you make any decisions. Refer back to the positive qualities described above when you’re talking to plumbers. Judge their competence based on their responses to your questions. Remember to ask about their schedule – are they available when you need them. Do they demonstrate professional competence in the way they talk? How experienced are they? After due consideration of all these points …

Trust Australian Plumbing Services as your Brisbane Southside Plumber!

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