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Plumbing Videos


Here are some great Plumbing Videos – some helpful, some funny.  Check back, we will add more.

Our first plumbing tip – Turning off the water to protect your home in a plumbing emergency; it also includes turning off the gas (VERY important). It shows you how to turn off just individual areas like the shower, or the whole house.  While you are waiting for Australian Plumbing Services to arrive, you need to protect your home or business! HOT TIP: If you do NOT know where these switch-off points are – Go find them right now BEFORE you have a plumbing emergency.

And of course, the ability to Diagnose Plumbing Problems is the first requirement!

Looking for a dedicated Plumber?  They do not come any more dedicated than this –
No wonder the video went viral

Plumbing Videos

Howcast is a great site for any “How To” Videos –
Here is a plumbing example:

Howcast Videos

Plumbing Scams – Here is why you need to use Australian Plumbing Services. You can TRUST us to do the right thing.  Watch the video – you will not believe the rip off a couple of these guys try on! We have been around for 30 years, trusted to build RSL Prize Homes – that does NOT happen unless you are trustworthy.  Go with the name you can trust – Australian Plumbing Services.

Here is a plumbing tip or two for using Plungers.  Did you even know that there are two different types of plunger?  And whether it is air or water you should be using to force the blockage out?  Or what to do to the plunger BEFORE you use it?


There are two questions you always need to ask before deciding whether to do it yourself, or call in the experts:
1.  Do I have the right tools?
2.  Do I have the expertise to use them properly?
We have all of the tools you could ever need, and over 30 years of experience – if in doubt, call us on 0410 302 571 for advice.  Sometimes trying to save money can turn out very expensive!

Here is a video on some of the BASIC plumbing tools we use – with our 30 years of experience we have all of the advanced plumbing tools too.


An amusing plumber video:

And here is a helpful plumbing video –

Check back soonMore plumbing tip videos coming

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Australian Plumbing Services – The 30 year veteran Brisbane Plumber – Ring Bill on 0410 302 571 for all of your plumbing needs.