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Drewvale Plumber Tips: Stopping Bad Smells From Your Sink

Drewvale Plumber Tips: Some jobs you can do yourself, other plumbing jobs need a specialist. Check out the video and decide whether you want to tackle this, or if it is a job for Drewvale Plumber Bill Bolt.

The kitchen sink in any house gets a good work out. Food residue, grease and all other kinds of nasties make their way down the kitchen sink – and the sink becomes the stink!

Here is a video on how to stop bad smells and gurgling from your sink waste.

If doing this yourself does not appeal, call Drewvale Plumber Bill Bolt on 0410 302 571

Check out at the 3:40 mark in the video to see why you might not want to do it yourself, especially if you are squeamish šŸ™‚

Once it is fixed, here are some tips to keep it from happening again.

If you can afford it, add a Garbage Disposal Unit; if not a simple sink drainer is a very good investment.

Pouring boiling water down the sink is always a top tip, but usually in response to a problem. If you get into the habit of emptying boiling water down the sink every time you make a coffee etc, it become preventative masintenance, not problem solving.

Adding a mixture of baking soda and vinegar before washing down with hot water improves the results even further. Tip a handful of baking soda down the sink and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, then follow it with a half cup of white vinegar. Let it brew for 15 minutes and then follow up with the boiling water. Ā Some people add coarse salt or lemon juice to theĀ baking soda and vinegar. Ā Another trick is to add a drop of essential oil, eg lavender oil, down the sink after you have finished – does nothing to clear the the problem, just helps the kitchen smell good after you have finished.

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Hope you have enjoyed these Drewvale Plumber Tips:

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If doing the above simply does not work, call the expert: Drewvale Plumber Bill Bolt on 0410 302 571 now.